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We believe a website to be effective when the design is esthetically pleasing thus capturing the visitor's initial interest. With our focus on creativity, attention to detail, we deliver a unique level of quality across web sites & applications.

Co-creation & iterative process

When we talk about co-creation we talk about working close together with the clients, as well as amongst ourselves, to perceive and challenge the task along the way in order to get the best result in the end. We are strong believers in an iterative design process working within four steps in a continuous process that brings us from idea to finished product.


The first step in creating a visual identity or website is the concept phase, where we basically start off by listening to the client and understanding the job at hand. From there, we work on creating a strong and unique idea that can carry the project from start to finish. Usually a strategic brief is the outcome of the concept phase.



The design phase kicks off with a definition of the overall look and feel of the product in question, that being a website, a book or any other graphic product. From there a concept design is developed, and last but not least we go into production mode.





Development is the phase where concept and design materializes into a website or digital service. System architects, software engineers and skilled coders ensure a robust product, flawless user experience and easy to use backend or CMS.




A final test phase is set up to improve the product and evaluate the overall process and product. Together the steps make up a continuous loop of creating and producing the best results for our clients.




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